Hopefully you are here because you are sick.

Hopefully you are not sick, but if you are, hopefully you are here because you want to get better.

So, scroll down to get started.

***This site is currently under construction, and hopefully will always be that way. As I do more research, understand more, and write more, I will continue to add information and links to this page to fill in the gaps, and get people on their way to reclaiming their health.***


I am not a doctor, and none of the information on this website should be taken as medical advice. I have been to doctors, and nothing they say should be taken as medical advice either, as far as I’m concerned. All information presented herein is purely…um… informational.

In all seriousness, If you are very ill, please go see a doctor. 

Disclaimer #2

Much of what I advocate on this website could fall under the category of Natural Healing. Not all of it will adhere strictly to that category, but much of it will. I do not generally agree with the principles of Western medicine, nor do I agree with many of the principles of what can be called Eastern medicine. I just know what has worked in the past for myself, and I consider this a common sense approach for the layman like myself.



 The Gist of It

The human body is a machine. A very complicated machine. It is so complicated, that we don’t even know how all of the parts work yet. We do know how SOME of the parts work though.

Much like any other machine, such as a car for instance, all of the parts need to work together in order for the machine to function properly. Maybe you are a mechanic, so you might know a lot about how cars work. A doctor knows a lot about the human body(hopefully), so a doctor might have a pretty good idea about how the human body works.

But even if you aren’t a mechanic, you probably still know that a car needs fuel, oil, coolant, battery, headlight fluid (just kidding), etc…

You don’t need to be a doctor to know that the body needs certain things like, food, water, warmth, etc…

So then we break that down to understand further.

Food gives us fuel that we use as energy. Food gives us vitamins and minerals that allow our bodies to perform certain functions. Food gives us nutrients that we need to live. Nutrients are our gasoline.

Water acts as a transportation system throughout our whole body for vitamins and minerals and nutrients. Water fills our cells and thins our blood so that everything can run smoothly. Water is our motor oil. 


Yeah, No Kidding?

Okay, okay! No need to get all worked up. While this isn’t anything novel just yet, it never hurts to start from the beginning.

Parts of the Machine and Chains of Events

So our body is a big machine. Yes, but, that machine is made up of many many smaller machines. The heart, brain, lungs, stomach, liver, kidneys, cells, skin; these can all be sort-of thought about as separate little machines that make up one big machine.

Now in order for the big machine to work properly, all of the little machines need to work properly. The body can still function even when some of the organs are not working, but obviously not up to it’s full potential.

So all we have to do is make sure all of the little machines are working properly! Easy! Right? Right, guys?… Guys?

Turns out it’s not so easy for a couple of reasons.

Reason 1: A lot of stuff can go wrong.

Reason 2: Even more stuff can go wrong.

That’s a lot of stuff going wrong.

So in order to see why so much stuff can go wrong, let’s look at a (very) general idea of what happens when things are going right. Story time.

One sunny day there was a fully developed human body that nobody had yet turned on lying in the middle of a park. Naturally this was freaking everybody out because they all thought it was a dead body, so they called the police. When the police came they saw that it wasn’t a dead body, just a body that had to be started up. So they pressed the big red button on the back and all of the body’s systems jumped into action.

And that is how adults are born.

Electrical impulses began travelling back and forth through nerves that reached from every part of the body, including the insides, up and down the spine, into the brain and back out again. The heart got some of this electrical goodness and started beating. Blood started flowing trough all of the body’s veins and arteries and capillaries until it reached every part of the body. The lungs start breathing. Life is good.

The stomach was empty and the throat was dry so the body ate some food and drank some water and it went down into the stomach. The body made some stomach acid to break down the food into a disgusting homogeneous goo that squirted into the intestines into a pool of some more goo. It’s all a very gooey process.

Now that it had all been broken down into goo, the body could absorb the pieces that had been broken, whereas it couldn’t before when the food was whole. So the body absorbs the broken down food into the blood stream. The heart pumps. The blood flows. The blood reaches all the parts of the body through the veins and arteries and capillaries, all the while carrying with it those broken down parts of the food that it ate, nutrients. The nutrients flow with the blood to every part of the body until they reach a part of the body that says, “Hey, we could use some of that right here.” The oxygen in the blood from the lungs gets in there and breaks stuff down more and then things are rolling right along.

Then the nutrients depart to their new home where they are used up. Anything that doesn’t get used up gets filtered out of the body as waste a.k.a. brown trout and mellow yellow. (Yes, that was completely necessary.)

Naturally this is a large simplification of what happens in the body, but the idea here is that there are multiple systems in place that rely on one another, and that events in the body take place as a chain, one after the other.

Sounds simple, what could possibly go wrong? Well, lets see.

What Goes Wrong?

Every single system in the body relies on those nutrients to operate. Depending on which nutrients they are, the body can get them in different ways, and it can use them in different ways. Sometimes the body uses them to create energy. Sometimes they are used to repair damaged tissue. Sometimes they are used as a building block to build other compounds and other cells or tissues. Sometimes they are used as a signal for a certain bodily process to begin.

So then what happens when those nutrients aren’t received? Things go wrong.

The body can’t operate without nutrients. The body can’t create energy, can’t create new compounds or tissues, can’t repair damaged tissue.

It’s easy to see then, that when this happens it is a dire state of affairs.

“But Tony,” you might be saying, “why wouldn’t a body be receiving nutrients? We all eat food and drink water. This should all be working out just fine!”

The answer to that question is what we need to figure out. And it’s a tough one.

In order to look at this concept completely we can break it down into categories.


Inside your body, there exists an entire universe of microorganisms that keep your body running smoothly. These bacteria and yeast are not a part of your body, so to speak, but they are essential in allowing your body to function properly.

These bacteria and yeast are known as your intestinal flora. Just like the trees in a jungle are known as flora, the organisms in your gut are too. Just like a jungle is teeming with life, so is your gut.

Your intestinal flora is partially responsible for breaking down food that you eat in order to extract the nutrients from that food. Some of these organisms also excrete beneficial byproducts from the breaking-down process that your body can use as nutrients. When your intestinal flora is well balanced and in harmony with your body, everything runs smoothly. When your intestinal flora becomes imbalanced, you can start having problems.

The most common way that the intestinal flora becomes imbalanced is through the process of killing off the beneficial bacteria in your gut by ingesting some type of antibiotic substance.

Antibiotic substances can be prescription antibiotics from a doctor, chlorine from a pool, accidental ingestion of cleaning products, or really ingesting anything that can kill bacteria.

Prescription antibiotics work well, or at least they used to, as infection fighting medicine in our bodies. They work well because they destroy bacteria. Though they do help in that way, antibiotics do not discriminate against the good and bad bacteria. So while we are killing off our infections, we are also killing off our beneficial intestinal bacteria that help us live.

Now, the intestinal flora is made up of both bacteria and yeast. When they are in harmony, the bacteria and yeast keep one another in check. When one half of the equation is eliminated, as is the case when the intestinal bacteria are killed by antibiotics, there is no longer any means of regulating the other organisms in the gut, in this case the yeast, from growing out of control.

In this particular situation there are a lot of bad things happening.

- The yeast in the gut can grow out of control and overtake the intestines. When this happens the yeast changes form from a normally benign yeast into a dangerous growing colony.

- The beneficial bacteria that are normally present in the gut cannot grow in the environment that has been taken over by yeast.

- The lack of bacteria in the gut does not allow the food that we eat to be digested properly, thus eliminating the delivery of essential nutrients to the body.

- The food that is digested and broken down into nutrients can often feed the overgrown yeast in the gut rather than being delivered to the body, thus increasing the body’s nutrient deficiency.

- The overgrown yeast, if allowed to flourish, can become pathogenic and spread to other parts of the body where yeast has no business being and can cause further dangerous health issues.

This is a serious compromise of a person’s good health and a good segue into the next way in which your body can become nutrient deficient.

Foreign Invaders  

*This gets into an area that I am not qualified to really give advice about, so I will make a lot of assumptions about the way I think things are probably happening, because really who the hell knows for sure anyway?

Aliens from outer space can come and suck the nutrients out of your body.

Just kidding, but there are organisms that live here on earth that can do just that. These organisms could be bacteria, viruses, or parasites.

I could be wrong here, but I believe that most times the problem is not parasites. I think that people really like to jump to that conclusion because it is easiest to blame a problem on something that sounds so sinister. That being said, it could be parasites.

The other possibilities are bacteria and viruses. If for some reason the body’s immune system is not working properly, then any foreign organisms like harmful viruses or bacteria can not be eliminated. If this is the case, a build-up, or infestation, of bacteria and viruses can occur. These organisms live in and on your body and feed and multiply using your body as a host.

There are some types of infections that the body’s immune system simply cannot handle on it’s own, and in that instance we turn to medicine in order to eliminate it. What type of medicine? Often, antibiotics. This starts the merry-go-round back at stage one.

If not dealt with, these infections fester in the body and cause all types of health problems including death. Simply having these infections in your body, I would imagine, taxes your immune system a great deal as it tries unsuccessfully to rid your body of the infection.

If your body is already out of balance due to your intestinal flora being disrupted, then your immune system has probably already been taxed while trying to deal with that situation unsuccessfully.

If your intestinal flora is out of whack because you accidentally ingested too much chlorine or bromine then your thyroid gland, which helps purify the blood of any foreign invaders, is probably weakened or non-functioning and your body’s defenses are practically useless.

In this situation your body is probably using all the nutrients it gets, which by now could be very little, just to keep itself alive.

Lack of Nutrient Intake

*This part is going to sound preachy and is probably full of stuff you have heard 100 times before. The reason you have heard it so much is because it is true.

I’m not going to get into any specifics here about the American diet or carbohydrates or proteins or sugars or anything of the sort, but I will say that the American diet is probably way too centered around carbohydrates, proteins, sugars, and things of the sort.

A big reason that a person might not be getting enough nutrients is that they just aren’t putting them into their body. It sounds strange, but I know what this is like because I am a person that did just this.

I like to eat meat almost as much as I like to eat fried meat. I like to eat bacon, and sausage, and burgers of all types, and steaks, and chicken, and turkey.

I also like to eat bread. I like to eat bagels, and sandwiches, muffins, donuts, cakes, pasta, toast.

I like to eat dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese.

I like to eat sugar. I like to eat nuts. I like to drink coffee. I like to drink juice.

Aaaaaannnnnnnndddddd… that’s about it.

Notice something missing? That’s right, vegetables.

It is almost a chore for me, at this point in my life, to eat vegetables. Why eat vegetables when literally everything else tastes better? Well, because you have to.

Vegetables really hold most of the important nutrients that a body needs in order to function properly. Without them, you are just not giving your body enough fuel to do what it needs to do.

I’m talking about a variety of vegetables.

-Green leafies.

-Root vegetables.

-Starchy veggies

All of em.

I don’t really know the specifics about what nutrients are in each type of vegetable, but I’m pretty sure nature was nice enough to color code them to be a little easier to read. Just be sure to get a little bit of every color every so often, but when you look at a produce cooler in a grocery store, the majority of it is green. This is a good indicator, I think, of the proper ratio of foods to eat. Eat the most greens because there are more greens than anything. Then eat some reds, some orange veggies, some yellow ones. Ya dig?

There are things in meat that just aren’t in vegetables, and vice versa. What I have regretfully come to find out is that we need more of the things that are in vegetables than the things that are in meat. In general, it seems, that most people are eating meat too often. I have heard that twice a week is sufficient.

The reasoning behind this is that meat is harder to digest. The body uses a lot of energy during digestion, somewhere around 70% of the total daily energy consumption. Couple this with how quickly many people eat, not chewing their food properly, and whatever problems already exist inside the intestines, and you end up with food that doesn’t get digested properly, or at all.

This can cause a back-up of undigested food that hangs around in the intestines for too long which can ferment or release other toxins into the body, thus furthering any problems the body might have while doing nothing to help alleviate those problems.

After we factor all that in, we also have to factor in the quality of the food we are eating.

Some foods that we eat are simply not very nutritionally sound. Common sense in this area makes it reasonably clear which foods will and will not contain good nutrition. Usually the more a food has been processed the less good nutrition it will contain. The more additives and chemicals that are in a food the less it will be properly used by the body. Food in a natural state will usually contain higher quality nutritive substances, and will be far easier for the body to use.

I have some vague memories of reading something or hearing something that stated that Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have something like half of the nutrient density of non-GMO foods. This too could play a part in a body not receiving the proper nutrients.  This also could be false but I thought I’d throw it in here just to scare you.